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Do this before putting your home on the Market

Looking for ways to add immediate value to your home from a potential buyer? Check out the steps below. While they seem like small gestures, they will make a world of difference. 


Install More Light Bulbs

Ensure that all light fixtures are replaced with new light bulbs. Dim lights can make a room appear dark and gloomy and can interfere with a sale  Bright lights will make a room seem clean and crisp. 


Declutter Your House 

Be sure your belongings don't appear unorganized and cluttered. Ensuring your belongings are organized and uncluttered will allow the potential buyer to focus on the space and amenities rather than your belongings. 


Rent a Storage Unit

If you are unable to organize your belongings in your home, it would be best to rent a storage space. This will allow you to keep your belongings while maintaining the image of a clean and welcoming home environment. 


Call A Handyman 

Hire a handyman to come out and assess your home for any missed opportunities for improvement of the home. This could be fixing light fixtures, squeaky doors, broken electrical outlets, and much more. 


Hire a Professional Photographer 

Although the pictures on your iPhone look amazing, hiring a professional photographer can make your home even more appealing for those that are searching for their home online. First impressions are everything and can make the difference between making or breaking your sale. 

The goal is to optimize the esthetics of your home to capture your potential buyers attention. This will turn a potential buyer into an owner!