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Energy Conserving upgrades

If you are looking to add a nontraditional selling point for your home, energy-efficient appliances and/or upgrades to your home is one way of doing so! Energy efficiency is a selling point that will last for years to come. 

Install Energy-efficient Appliances 

While this may seem expensive, it is a great investment that will benefit you in the long run or your potential buyers. Energy-efficient appliances earn the money you put into them back in the long run.


Use Smart and Energy-efficient Lighting 

Installing LED lights will help you to minimize the amount of money that you spend on energy to supply them and will maximize your savings. LED  lights tend to last longer (years) and cut back on energy consumption at the same time.


Install Outdoor Solar Lighting and Security Cams 

Utilizing solar lighting on the walking paths and adding some lighting to your landscaping is a great way to catch a potential buyer's attention. Also, installing security cameras can make one feel safe, secure and provide the feel of protection for potential buyers and their family.


Improve Wall Insulation 

Ensuring that your insulation is well taken care of will minimize the amount of electricity that is being utilized to heat or cool the home. Improving the insulation will allow the home to maintain its temperatures and require less work for the heating and cooling systems. 


Go For Energy-Efficient Roofing 

Not only does your roof add to the first impression of the home, you can use it as a point of sale if the life expectancy of the roof is longer than usual. While this may require you to spend a little extra money on the roof, it will give the potential buyer a sense of security that they are getting a great roof and it is also energy efficient. Who doesn't like to save money?\

The goal is to add value to your home so that the buyer knows that the home is taken care of and will not require to