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5 Tips to Improve Your home first impression on others

Many homes are in need of renovations prior to the big sale. Remember to put some effort into the exterior of your home as well. Afterall, that is what the buyer will see first. Catch their attention! 

This may mean that you have to change up your garden to improve the curb appeal as well as grab the potential buyer's attention. Let's explore some ideas. 


Add Color to Your Front Yard

When you drive past a home with a vibrant colored door, it catches your attention! Be bold with the color you choose for your door. This will cause your home to stand out. Remember, your outside door does not have to match your interior paint job, nor will it be unappealing for it to be different. 

Add Contrast to your home and throw in a little pizzazz for your potential buyers. 


Revamp Your Walkway

The walkway into a home should be warm and welcoming. Decorating it will allow you to set the tone. 

Utilizing chemical stains, colored concrete, contrasting colors and dry-shake hardeners can help you to achieve your goal of creating the ideal walkway. 


Paint the Entire house

If you are looking to invest in your home, be sure to consider painting the entire exterior of your home. Switching up the color of your home can give it a "new home" look for potential buyers. 


More Greenery

Spruce up your curb by adding more greenery! Don't be shy, add various shapes and sizes of greenery. This will catch your potential buyers eye and may be a selling point. 


Add porch seating

Who doesn't want a neighborhood that feels like home?  Consider placing a bench or rocking chairs on your porch. This will make it seem like a safe area to relax and give it a "homey" feel! 

Also, sprucing up your mailbox, adding a warm hearted or funny doormat and/or additional lighting to walkways. 

Sometimes you have to be bold with the exterior of your home and the curbside appeal. Afterall, First impressions are everything!